Space Security & Defense

Conduct your most critical space security and defense missions using a holistic and dynamic common operating picture of the space domain.

Mission Critical Space Object Tracking & Orbital Analytics

Slingshot provides defense and intelligence agencies around the world with mission-critical space domain awareness data, object behavior insights, and modeling & simulation tools.

Common Operating Picture

Slingshot combines data, analytics, and modeling & simulation to create a common operating picture for planning, executing, and assessing national security space operations.

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ML-Driven Object Behavior Insights

Machine learning and physics-based models provide actionable insights into events and satellite behavior patters in near real-time.

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LEO-xGEO Space Object Tracking

Leverage the world’s only optical day/night LEO-to-xGEO space object tracking network to monitor spacecraft of interest across regimes with the Slingshot Global Sensor Network.

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Common Operating Picture

The Slingshot Platform combines data from the Slingshot Global Sensor Network, the Slingshot Seradata space database, satellite owner-operators, and other third-party space data providers to create a unified view of the entire space domain.

High-Accuracy Simulation Engine

Slingshot's high-accuracy simulation engine empowers operators to create and evaluate simulated scenarios involving digital representations of real and/or synthetic space and ground assets.

Intuitive Visualizations

Create intuitive visualizations based on synthetic virtual representations of space and ground assets, driven by high-accuracy models.

Mission Planning & Course of Action Development

Build interactive and accurate representations of defense scenarios to evaluate courses of action and downstream effects – accounting for all relevant players within the operational domain.

ML-Driven Object Behavior Insights

Machine learning and physics-based models provide actionable insights into active space events and satellite behavior in near real-time – providing automated flagging of anomalous behavior without requiring prior cues or tasking.

Pattern of Life Insights

Slingshot’s pattern of life insights use satellite characteristics, orbital analytics, and maneuver detection and classification to offer detailed and actionable insights on operationally-relevant timelines.

Neighborhood Watch Insights

The neighborhood watch insights analytic provides near real-time information about clusters of satellites in the GEO belt. The algorithm evaluates the general characteristics of grouped satellites (“neighborhoods”) and monitors for changes in those groups.

Outlier Spacecraft Insights

Identify anomalous spacecraft behavior and uncover hidden insights with a scalable machine learning algorithm that detects subtle differences between object behavior across large space datasets with built-in explainability.

LEO-xGEO Space Object Tracking

The Slingshot Global Sensor Network provides around-the-clock tracking of spacecraft and debris from the world’s only optical day/night LEO-to-GEO spacecraft and debris tracking network.

Resilient Global Sensor Network
  • 20+ Global Sensor Locations
  • 150+ Day/Night Optical Sensors
  • 500 Million+ Observations Collected to Date
Astrometric & Photometric Insights

Our high-quality astrometric data fuels many derived data products such as state and covariance estimates, ephemerides, CDMs, maneuver detections, and other types of physical and behavioral characterization insights. Photometric data can be used to detect and identify anomalous behaviors and characterize space objects.

LEO-xGEO Capable Optical Sensors

Maintain custody of active spacecraft and space debris across regimes to ensure up-to-date cataloging and improved space domain awareness regardless of where an object of interest maneuvers.

Mission Support Services

Slingshot analysts, engineers, and subject matter experts can support your team remotely and/or on the ops floor to ensure mission success.

Customer Missions
A Trusted Partner to Global Space Security & Defense Missions

Slingshot is a trusted partner for space domain awareness data and tech-enabled services to global space security and defense missions – keeping space safe and secure for all.

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