Data & Insights

The Slingshot Platform provides mission-critical data and insights to satellite operators, defense agencies, and space agencies around the world.

Space Object Tracking Data

LEO-to-xGEO, day and night, Slingshot's Global Sensor Network has your mission covered with persistent, ground-based, electro-optical space object tracking.

Slingshot's comprehensive, accurate, and actionable tracking data serves a range of satellite operators, defense agencies, and space agencies who require both routine and event-based insights.

Spacecraft & Launch Database

Slingshot Seradata provides detailed data on every launch attempt and spacecraft deployed into orbit. As the industry’s leading satellite and launch database, it is updated daily with new satellite and launch data – providing a comprehensive, up-to-date view of the entire space industry.

Customers across the industry leverage Slingshot Seradata to analyze launch and satellite industry activity, trends, failure rates, market share, insurance claims, and more.

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Conjunction Assessment Data

Leverage our comprehensive and high-accuracy commercial space object catalog to regularly screen for conjunctions at whatever cadence meets your unique operational needs. Upload your own operational or special ephemerides to screen against our catalog to facilitate mission planning and risk assessment.

Pattern of Life Insights

Slingshot's Pattern of Life Insights analytic combines satellite descriptors, orbital characteristics, and maneuver detection to offer detailed and actionable insights into a spacecraft's behavior.

Users can receive near real-time alerts about objects of interest when a spacecraft’s behavior has changed or deviated from what is expected – or view reports on historical actions and potential future actions.

Neighborhood Watch Insights

The Neighborhood Watch Insights analytic provides near real-time information about clusters of satellites in the GEO belt by evaluating the general characteristics of grouped satellites (“neighborhoods”) and monitoring for changes in those groups.  

Slingshot flags observations in near real-time when new neighbors arrive, when the inter-satellite distances change, when behaviors of the existing neighbors change, or when individual satellites leave.

AI Outlier Spacecraft Insights

Slingshot's Agatha AI represents a breakthrough in the systematic monitoring and identification of outlier satellites within constellations. AI algorithms identify anomalous spacecraft behavior and uncover hidden insights by detecting subtle differences between spacecraft behavior across large constellations – identifying unique behaviors for further investigation and helping operators make more informed decisions on orbit.

Agatha was developed in collaboration with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to address the challenge of monitoring the ever-growing population of satellites in LEO, MEO, and GEO.

Radio Frequency Signal Insights

Slingshot’s Radio Frequency (RF) Signal Insights enable partners to identify, track, and characterize ground- and space-based RF sources including jammers, spoofers, and unexpected sources.

Slingshot utilizes Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) data to detect signal degradation, geolocate interference sources, and characterize the pattern of life of each RF source. This allows satellite operators to better understand and manage nefarious or unexpected RF sources that may jeopardize their missions.

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