Training & Education

Train the next generation of space operators through immersive training & education tools built on the Slingshot Platform.

Mission Critical Space Object Tracking & Orbital Analytics

Simulate missions, train against AI-driven agents, and develop courses of action leveraging multi-sourced real and/or synthetic data via the Slingshot Platform.

AI-Driven Threat Agents

AI-Driven training agents create dynamic adversaries that promote advanced course of action development.

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Slingshot Laboratory

Collaborate and learn in a realistic astrodynamics simulation environment designed specifically for space education.

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Modeling & Simulation

Slingshot’s modsim products address needs of newcomers and domain experts alike in need of dynamic simulations.

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AI-Driven Threat Agents

AI-Driven training agents (seen being trained to the right) create dynamic adversaries that promote advanced course of action development by providing a realistic, creative, and challenging adversary.

Autonomous AI Threat Agents

Slingshot's AI-driven threat agents provide realistic and adaptive adversaries that challenge users to develop new tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Human-Controlled Threat Agents

Human-controlled threat agents allow for student-student or student-instructor simulations that provide training oversight and specific course of action training.

Countless Training Scenarios

Develop countless training scenarios that prepare trainees for a myriad of orbital engagements in the rapidly evolving space domain.

Slingshot Laboratory

Build your space knowhow in Slingshot Laboratory's intuitive and interactive physics-driven environment, optimized for space education. Slingshot Laboratory is the world's first collaborative, cloud-native, space education product – enabling users to exercise and experiment with core astrodynamics concepts even in the absence of prior space background or training.

Intuitive & Immersive Interface

Intuitive and immersive cloud-based space simulation and training application designed to teach the fundamentals of astrodynamics and space domain awareness.

Flexible Astrodynamics Engine

Manipulate ground and space-based elements and observe the effects immediately with flexible astrodynamics engine controls at your fingertips.

Collaborative Learning Exercises

Create interactive labs, exams, and projects with multiple students working together to explore solutions in a collaborative environment.

Modeling & Simulation

Slingshot provides a series of space modeling and simulation products to address the needs of a broad audience; from newcomers into the space field to domain experts in need of large scale simulation capabilities.

High-Accuracy Simulation Engine

Slingshot's high-accuracy data-driven simulation engine empowers users to create and evaluate simulated scenarios involving digital representations of real and/or synthetic space and ground assets.

Intuitive Visualizations

Create intuitive visualizations based on synthetic virtual representations of space and ground assets, driven by physics-based high accuracy models.

Mission Planning Simulations

Build interactive and accurate representation of defense scenarios, accounting for all relevant players within the operational domain, and evaluate courses of action and downstream effects based on high-accuracy astrodynamics models.

Course of Action (COA) Development

Build a true model of upcoming operations, accurately model Red forces and “fly” off COAs, and evaluate potential effects of alternative scenarios with high-accuracy astrodynamics simulations.

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Slingshot’s Solutions Are Educating & Training the Next Generation of Guardians

The US Space Force is leveraging Slingshot’s solutions today to educate and train the next generation of Guardians with an integrated suite of education and training tools.

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