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Space Traffic Coordination

Slingshot provides a range of solutions to support space traffic coordination and promote spaceflight safety – from ground-based space object tracking, to the world's first and freely available space traffic coordination platform, to API-accessible astrodynamics services.

Mission Critical Space Object Tracking & Orbital Analytics

Whether you’re looking to improve satellite tracking across orbital regimes, provide a proven platform for real-time maneuver coordination, or build scalable astrodynamics services into your own tools – Slingshot has you covered.

LEO-xGEO Space Object Tracking

Leverage the world’s only optical day/night LEO-to-xGEO space object tracking network to track spacecraft and debris at scale.

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Slingshot Beacon

Slingshot Beacon provides a free platform for coordination
and collision avoidance that promotes the safe and sustainable use of space at scale.

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Astrodynamics Services

Slingshot’s Astrodynamics Services provide streamlined orbit determination, ephemeris generation, and conjunction assessment.

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LEO-xGEO Space Object Tracking

Leverage space object tracking data from the world's first and only all-regime, day/night capable ground-based optical network to regularly maintain your space object catalog and monitor active space events.

Slingshot Global Sensor Network
  • 20+ Global Sensor Locations
  • 150+ Day/Night Optical Sensors
  • 500 Million+ Observations Collected to Date
Astrometric Data & Insights

Our high-quality astrometric data fuels many derived data products such as state and covariance estimates, ephemerides, CDMs, maneuver detections, and other types of physical and behavioral characterization insights.

Photometric Data & Insights

Our photometric data is used by satellite operators and the space domain awareness community in support of a multitude of applications; from quantifying impact on dark sky astronomy, to detection and identification of anomalous behaviors, and space object characterization.

Slingshot Beacon

Slingshot Beacon provides a platform for spacecraft operators with fleets of all sizes from LEO to xGEO to streamline collision avoidance and coordination – improving spaceflight safety and sustainability in a collaborative environment.

Home to 90%+ of Active
LEO Spacecraft Today

Over 90% of all active LEO spacecraft in orbit today are leveraging Slingshot Beacon to minimize collision risk, coordinate maneuvers, and simplify their operations.

Built to Streamline Conjunction Assessment
  • Ingest, filter, and visualize CDMs from Space-Track.org
  • Set custom risk thresholds and alerts
  • Manage conjunctions for your entire fleet
  • Screen ephemeris on demand
  • Use APIs to integrate directly into your workflows
A Better Way to Coordinate With Secondaries

Increase transparency by sharing data on active secondaries: provide access to secondaries' ephemerides, and maneuverability status – with an open communication channel for coordinating courses of action in real-time chat.

Astrodynamics Services

Employ Slingshot's Astrodynamics Services to streamline your orbit determination, ephemeris generation, and conjunction assessment via API or custom solutions.

GNSS-Based Orbit Determination

Generate accurate state and covariance estimates from raw GNSS telemetry using our OD-as-a-Service (ODaaS).  Don't have a GNSS receiver? Our global sensor network can track your assets and provide quality state and uncertainty estimates for you.

Ephemeris Generation

Create your own predicted high-accuracy ephemerides, with covariance, using our Propagation-as-a-Service (PRaaS). Resulting ephemerides are based on high fidelity dynamic models consistent with industry standards, paired with an A-stable, super-convergent, and adaptive integrator for superior accuracy.

Conjunction Assessment

Slingshot’s Conjunction Assessment and Risk Analysis services support both catalog and ephemeris-based screenings, enabling maneuver planning, coordination, and deconfliction for collision avoidance.

Customer Missions
Partnering to Keep All Spacecraft Safe

Slingshot partners with operators around the globe to enhance space traffic coordination best practices and improve spaceflight safety for all.

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