Slingshot Capabilities

Slingshot serves the space market with a range of industry-leading capabilities that power the Slingshot Platform and Slingshot’s proven solutions.

Ground-Based Space Object Tracking

The Slingshot Global Sensor Network (SGSN) is the world’s only day/night LEO-to-xGEO optical sensor network, providing high-revisit-rate spacecraft tracking from 150+ sensors across 20+ locations globally.

These proprietary sensors include both gimbaled telescopes and staring arrays. The observations you see here are from one of our Horus sensor system staring arrays, which were designed to support LEO object detection and tracking at scale.

Multi-Sensor Data Fusion

Slingshot’s Multiple Frame Assignment Space Tracker (MFAST) software provides advanced, scalable uncorrelated track (UCT) processing, orbit determination (OD), and maneuver detection (MD) by fusing data from multiple sensors and/or sensing modalities.

MFAST is a real-time, multi-sensor, multi-object tracking solution for space surveillance that supports UCT resolution, breakup and closely-spaced-object processing, maneuver detection, catalog maintenance, object discovery, and more.

Space Modeling & Simulation

Slingshot’s modeling and simulation capabilities act as the foundation for a number of applications that serve government and commercial customers across training, planning, and operations.

High-fidelity physics-based modeling and simulation, augmented by artificial intelligence and machine learning models, allow customers to accurately simulate real and synthetic objects across the space domain – past, present, and future.

AI-Driven Threat Agents

Slingshot’s AI-driven threat agents (seen here being trained) provide realistic, challenging adversaries that create countless unique training scenarios in a realistic, physics-based simulation environment.

AI agents have the ability to autonomously assess a situation, conduct operations, and perform maneuvers to execute long-term strategies within the virtual environment that challenge trainees of all levels. These agents also provide insights into the capabilities and hardware needed to address anticipated scenarios and to inform real-world acquisitions.

Mission Support Services

Slingshot’s Mission Support Services ensure safe and successful space missions by providing functional and subject matter expertise across space traffic coordination and space domain awareness including: astrodynamics services, orbital analyst services, and software engineering.

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