Slingshot Applications

Slingshot’s applications provide customers with cloud-based, off-the-shelf tools for space traffic coordination, space education, and space market insights – all built on the Slingshot Platform.

Slingshot Beacon

The world’s leading space traffic coordination platform for collision avoidance – home to 90%+ of active LEO spacecraft today.

Fleets of all sizes from LEO to GEO leverage Slingshot Beacon to streamline collision avoidance and coordination so they can keep their spacecraft safe and focus on maximizing their mission.

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Slingshot Laboratory

Slingshot Laboratory is a collaborative and realistic simulation environment designed to teach the fundamentals of astrodynamics and space domain awareness – no PhD required.

The U.S. Space Force employs Slingshot Laboratory today to train the next generation of Guardians on how to conduct space operations.

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Slingshot Seradata

Slingshot Seradata is the industry’s leading satellite and launch database, providing detailed data on every launch attempt and spacecraft deployed into orbit – creating a comprehensive, up-to-date view of the entire space industry.

Customers across the industry leverage Slingshot Seradata to analyze launch and satellite industry activity, trends, failure rates, market share, and more.

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