Astrodynamics Services

Slingshot’s astrodynamics services provide satellite operators with streamlined orbit determination, ephemeris generation, and conjunction assessment to support safe and scalable space operations.

GNSS-Based Orbit Determination

Our GNSS-based Orbit Determination-as-a-service removes the burden of continuous orbital processing and monitoring of raw GNSS telemetry, allowing your focus to stay fixed on orchestrating a successful mission and increasing operational efficiency.

Available via API. 

Ephemeris Generation

Create a predicted ephemeris from your satellite’s orbital state and plan maneuvers using Slingshot’s high-accuracy orbital propagator.

Don’t have an orbital state? Our trusted orbit determination service will generate one from your GNSS data. Don’t have a GNSS receiver on board? The Slingshot Global Sensor Network can track your object and generate an orbital state estimate.

Available via API.

Conjunction Assessment

Slingshot’s Conjunction Assessment and Risk Analysis services support both catalog and ephemeris-based screening, enabling maneuver planning, coordination, and deconfliction via Slingshot Beacon.  

API coming soon.

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