March 8, 2024

Slingshot Aerospace Establishes New UK Base to Drive Expansion With International Government and Commercial Customers

UK space industry veteran Melissa Quinn will step into a new role as GM of Slingshot’s international business unit, driving international expansion efforts and bringing industry-leading space data and insights to new partners across the globe

LONDON, UK—March 8, 2024: Slingshot Aerospace, a leader in satellite tracking, space traffic coordination, and space modelling and simulation, today announces the expansion of its international operations with the launch of Slingshot Aerospace Ltd. The new entity will operate from Slingshot’s first international offices in Cornwall and London – representing a significant step in the company's commitment to a global growth strategy.

Slingshot Aerospace Ltd will bring high-tech jobs to the UK with a focus on initially recruiting software engineers and data analysts to build out the data, analytics, services supporting Slingshot’s international business unit. The company's decision to establish a presence in the UK underscores its commitment to investing in the region and leveraging local talent to support its mission of making space safe, sustainable, and secure.

Melissa Quinn, former head of Spaceport Cornwall, will lead Slingshot Aerospace Ltd as the GM of the new international business unit. She is expanding her former role as GM of Slingshot Seradata – bringing extensive experience in the space industry to a new role focused on Slingshot’s full portfolio of space operations solutions. Under her leadership, Slingshot Aerospace Ltd will bring its industry-leading data and insights to global space operators in support of mission-critical training, planning, and operations. 

"We are excited to expand our international presence in the UK and build upon the strong foundation laid by Melissa Quinn and the Slingshot Seradata team," said Tim Solms, CEO of Slingshot Aerospace. “This new business unit is well positioned to continue the momentum that we have established with government and commercial partners including the U.S. Space Command’s Joint Commercial Operations cell, Astroscale, Spire, and most recently NOAA’s Office of Space Commerce.”

"The UK offers a thriving ecosystem for space technology innovation, and we are excited to collaborate with local organisations to share Slingshot’s capabilities,” said Melissa Quinn, General Manager, Slingshot Aerospace Ltd. “Establishing a base in the UK not only strengthens our global presence but also plays a pivotal role in advancing space sustainability and enhancing national security. We will leverage our expertise to work closely with UK and international partners, harnessing the power of space for good and fostering collaboration and innovation on a global scale."

Slingshot Ltd’s new offices in Cornwall and London strategically position the company to engage with key stakeholders in the UK space sector and across international markets including the European Union. This new business unit further underscores Slingshot’s commitment to delivering its capabilities outside of the US for both advanced space operators and emerging operators who are building foundational capabilities for secure and sustainable space operations. 

“Space sustainability has never been more important for protecting future exploration, so it is brilliant that Slingshot Aerospace has chosen the UK for its first international offices, with a commitment to investing locally and bringing more high-tech jobs to the UK,” said Andrew Griffith MP, Minister for Space at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.“As set out in our new Space Industrial Plan, we’re continuing to build on the UK’s position as the leading destination for space investment in Europe, attracting more space firms from all over the world and creating high-skilled jobs for people across the country.”

The establishment of Slingshot Ltd in the UK will enhance the country's space sustainability offering, leveraging advanced technologies to address challenges such as space debris mitigation and space debris removal. This expansion will provide international space operators with solutions to accelerate space safety, sustainability, and security, ensuring the preservation of space for current and future generations.


About Slingshot Aerospace

Slingshot Aerospace provides satellite tracking, space traffic coordination, and space modelling and simulation solutions to government and commercial customers around the world. Using mission-critical data, insights, and applications powered by the Slingshot Platform, space operators improve spaceflight safety and optimise their orbital operations. Slingshot’s platform combines data from the Slingshot Global Sensor Network, the Slingshot Seradata satellite and launch database, satellite owner-operators, and other third-party space data providers, to create the most up-to-date representation of space on the market today. This common operating picture of space activities, past, present, and predicted, empowers the world’s leading space operators to better understand what is happening in space and plan their operations. Slingshot is driven by its mission to make space more safe, sustainable, and secure for all. The company was launched in 2017 and has locations in California, Colorado, and the UK.

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